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Staycation Blonde Ale – This is our American Blonde ale that is hop forward in aroma and flavor, but not bitterness. We used heavy late additions of Azacca and Mosaic hops, as well as a generous dry hop amount for both. 
4.9% ABV, 5.5 SRM, & 30 IBUs


Big Jim California Common – Named after the steam whistle located off of 1st street, right here in Springfield. This is a malty, yet hoppy lager. The malt and hops balance each other perfectly, staying true to the style made famous in California at the turn of the 20th century. 

5% ABV, 13 SRM, & 41 IBUs 

Ongoing Investigation IPA – This is our newest American IPA. We used a combination of Cascade, Centennial, and Zythos hops to give this beer a unique hop aroma and flavor. There are notes of both citrus and tropical fruits coming from the hops choices. It has a mellow malt characteristic and is not overly bitter.

6.9% ABV, 7.8 SRM, 64 IBUs

Mixtape Pale Ale – A hop forward pale ale that is packing a punch in both bitterness and tropical aroma, but is sessionable.  We used a combination of Citra, Mosaic, and El Dorado for our flavor profile and Columbus hops to help give this beer a clean bittering profile.

5.5% ABV, 8.2 SRM, & 51 IBUs

Handsworth Brown Ale – This is an American style brown ale that is nutty and roasty, with a light and clean bitterness. The flavor profile is contributed by a combination of Roasted Barley and Brown malt, with a smooth hop profile from Northern Brewer hops.

6% ABV, 26 SRM, & 30 IBUs

Hubbard St. Stout – Is our roast forward American Stout that has a large amount of Roasted Barley, Brown Malt, and Midnight wheat, as well as Nicaraguan medium roast coffee from Social Grounds. We plan to continue to treat this beer with coffee from our neighbors, Social Grounds, continuing to see how different beans contribute to the base beer.
5.7% ABV, 36 SRM, & 39 IBUs

Superbloom IPA – This is our light colored, slightly hazy, and juicy IPA. We used a large dose of Citra hops late in the boil process to give this beer a mild bitterness, yet flavorful and tropical aroma. We gave this beer a heavy dose of dry hops of Azacca and Mosaic to help accentuate the tropical flavors that the Citra hops imparted.

7.6% ABV, 5 SRM, 60 IBUs

Swoop Juice - This is our very first New England style IPA. It is hazy and juicy, with strong tropical fruit forward aroma and flavor. As with this style, the bitterness is smooth and easy, making it an easy drinking beer. We used a large amount of Citra hops at the end of the brewing process, as well as a huge amount of both El Dorado and Ekuanot hops during the dry hop. To help back this up, we used a new yeast strain that helps accentuate the tropical flavors and aroma.

7.3% ABV, 3.5 SRM, 50 IBUs

Working Stiff –  Working Stiff is a traditional adjunct American light pilsner. We brewed the beer with a combination of American Pilsen Malt and Flaked rice. This is an extremely crushable beer, perfect for summer heat. It is lightly hopped and very crisp. 

5.4% ABV, 3.2 SRM, 28 IBUs

Porch Juice – This is our annual Porchfest NEIPA. It is a little lighter than our NEIPA Swoop Juice, but keeps to the style with the aroma and flavor. We used Citra hops for our late addition brewing hops, but new varieties for the dry hop. We dry hopped with Motueka, El dorado and Azacca hops. 

6.4% ABV, 3.5 SRM, 50ish IBUs

Silver Sunset Sour w/ Blueberry & Strawberry: This is the newest version of our sour. We treated this whole batch with Strawberry & Blueberry puree. Also the great choice to answer this warm weather!

Silver Sunset Sour w/ Blackberry & Raspberry: This is the newest version of our sour. We treated this whole batch with Blackberry & Raspberry puree. 


Melk Man Milk Shake IPA – This is our first Milk Shake IPA that we brewed with Lactose and late additions of Belma hops. We then added Strawberry and Pink Guava puree at the end of fermentation, as well as fresh vanilla to give this beer a fruity, but not oversweet flavor. The beer has body and great fruit aroma, perfect for summer’s hot weather.

6.8% ABV, 3.9 SRM, 20 IBUS ***** 10oz Pour*****


Anvil of Crom Double IPA - This is our first Double IPA. We brewed this with a combination of Columbus, Centennial and Amarillo hops, with a generous amount of Amarillo and Centennial as late addition and dry hops. We also used a new yeast strain, Voss Kviek, a Scandinavian farmhouse strain that help accentuate the citrus and fruit aromas. This beer is as bitter as it is strong, with pronounced flavors and aromas.

9% ABV, 8.5 SRM, 71 IBUS ***** 10oz Pour*****

"Coming Soon!"

Upcoming beers will be listed here

Anniversary Release Schedule! - Saturday, Nov. 16th

11 a.m. - Mango Blonde Ale

11 a.m. - Cranberry/Raspberry Silver Sunset Sour

11 a.m. - Space Bird (Galaxy NEIPA)

4 p.m. - Vanilla Coffee Weapon of Mash Destruction Imperial Stout

5 p.m. - Mocha Weapon of Mash Destruction Imperial Stout

6 p.m. - Vanilla Coffee Brown Ale

7 p.m. - Neapolitan Weapon of Mash Destruction Imperial Stout

8 p.m. - Coconut Swoop

8 p.m. - Coconut Weapon of Mash Destruction Imperial Stout

Bottle Releases of Weapon of Mash Destruction Imperial Stout

(No limits on bottle sales - available at 11 a.m.)

Base Imperial Stout - $15

Bourbon Barrel Aged - $20

Mexican Chocolate Cake - $20

Chocolate Covered Strawberry - $20


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